580 5th Ave.

Joseph Palmer Knapp was born on this very day one hundred and forty one years ago. (Saturday May 14, 1864) When he was in his 60's he had his umbrella corporation known as Publication Corp at this address. His private offices were located here on the third floor of the Empire Trust Building from the 1930s through his retirement in 1948. It was also where his son J. F's yacht Storm King was registered in 1931 and the place to contact if you wanted to purchase a certain large colonial mansion in Mastic Beach in 1939 for a very attractive price. In 1937 Fortune Magazine visited 580 and did a large feature on J.P.'s life and career. Special thanks to Ron at ICONPIX for this fine photo of the building located on 47th St and 5th Ave,

Ed Kiely was Dodi Knapp's Man Friday & Secretary and traveling companion in the 1930's and 40's. Ed lived part time on the Mastic Beach Knapp Estate. It is his name on most of the transactions involving th sale of it. Both he and his wife Catherine are benificarys in Knapp's will.