The Way We Were

There has been a resurgance of activity lately as more and more people discover this website and send me scans of, or sometimes the actual photos of their family and friends that all had the good fortune of growing up in the Mastic area in the 1940's-1960's. All I can say is don't stop.... photo condition isn't important as I can usally make them presentable by using photo shop. And judging from the e mails I have recieved no one ever gets tired of looking at them....even those unfortunates that had to grow up someplace else.

Most recently I have heard from Verna Manghes (Wm. Floyd class of '61) and Bill Baessler Class of '63 and his big sister Caroline (class of '61) Verna has sent some photos and Bill tells me that his Mom grew up in Mastic Beach from the gitgo. Mrs Baessler's parents were The Chesters who ran the Post Office & General store in Section One in the 1940's and Bill's Dad William was on the Brookhaven Town Police force from 1948-1959 and then SCPD till he retired. I hear they have many many photos of Mastic Beach from the 1930's- 1970's. And it hasn't stopped there, I also heard last week from Verna's friend Barbara Miller. Barbara's parents ran The Kozy Korner for years. It was a soda fountain ice cream shop right out of central casting in Hollywood, except we all got to play a part in the movie that was the Mastics.... So go to your attics, closets, and get out those will do you good. Even if you don't have a scanner or don't want to mail me originals...there are ways to get copies to me that do not put your pictures at risk.



Verna Manghes 4th Grade circa 1952

Verna lived on the corner of Magnolia Dr. and Neighborhood Road. Her back yard neighbor and life long friend (they still visit with each other frequently) was the ever irrepressible Idamae Ennesser. (they used to apply irrepressible to Ricky Nelson in the intros of the early Ozzie & Harriet TV Shows) Here's Verna & Idamae together at Easter in 1952.

Verna's Dad James was a railroad man for 50 years. He joined the LIRR in 1939 becoming an Engineer on the line in 1943. I wonder how many times he stopped at Mastic Station before they tore it down in 1960?

Engineer James L Manghes (center)

at his retirement in 1962 I wonder if he ever drove my Grandma out from Jamaica in the 50's out to see us. Got a feeling he probably did.


March 30. 1958

Front : Bobby Bellville, ________,Carol Atkinson? ?___, Ann Hausman, Barbara Brisbois

Rear: Walter Meyer, Marlis Clausing, Pastor Gedell, Caroline Baessler, Verna Manghes


at Moriches School ( AKA the Annex) Early 50's

Who could forget Mrs. Hallock ????, Not anyone who ever had her for a teacher or was even in the building and heard her yelling! I was fortunate enough to only have been within earshot of her from 1953-55. My brother Butch was not. He had her in fourth grade in 1954.

Santa's Angels : He Has A Lot More Than Charlie Ever Did

Left to Right : Marsha Rosenblum. Diane Nevins, Gladys Evans, Caroline Baessler Ann Hausman, Gladys Gerle, Artie Nolan as Santa,

Anita Monticello, Betsy Jensen? , Verna Manghes, Diane Moorhus

Thanks to Verna Manghes Vogel of Washington for these. If you want to get in touch with her e mail me and I'll pass your e mail onto to Verna.

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