Where There's A Will..... There's A Floyd

(pun intended)

at least in MASTICK in the early part of the 18th century

What we have here is the abstract of the will of Richard Floyd who was William Floyd's Grandfather, written on Feb 27, 1738. All spellings are as they appear in the original document which is in Liber 13 of New York Wills. The will covers both properties known then as "MASTICK' and "POTESQUASH" that would become known later as the William Floyd Estate and The Richard Floyd Estate.

Notes: What we are talking about here as far as land is concerned is : Every acre that is known today as Mastic & Mastic Beach save for the small piece of land William Tangier Smith deeded to the Poosepatuck Indians . Richard Floyd's "Pottesquash" was 3500 plus acres and William Floyd's "Mastick" was 4400 acres. Some of Floyd brother in law Nathanial Woodhull's property which sat between "Pottesquash" and "Mastick" would become the Lawrence Estate in the later 1800's and later on in 1916 the Knapp Estate. A nice inheritance 369 years ago indeed, but today the tax bill would be mighty rough on you.