Dr. Walter Clarke Palmer 1804 - 1883

The Surgeon turned Evangalist

This came my way via recent "Knappster" Paul Haeberle and you could say it knocked my hat in the creek or into the tub. It is a patent issued to Dr. Walter C. Palmer (Phoebe Knapp's father) in November of 1832 (the year his future son in law was born) and signed by Andrew Jackson, President Of United States. I am constantly amazed at what is out there that involves the Knapp family in one way or another.

An Elastic Gum Bath That Appears To Be Portable? Dr. Palmers Father In Law was Henry Worrall who owned the oldest iron forge In New York City so the frame was probably made by the Worralls

Paul has family on his wifes side that goes back into the 19th century and were social and business aquaintences with both Joseph Fairchild (senior) and his son Joseph Palmer Knapp. (His wife's gg grandfather was an engraver)