Sailing Home

That's the French Mail Steamer "La Touraine " in New York Harbor in the 1890's. This is the largest Knapp print I own. It measures 40 x 28 and hangs over my computer desk above many portraits of the Knapp family. These ship prints were originally used for travel agencys. Another CGT French mail steamer is shown traveling in the other direction and you can see the Statue of Liberty on the right. The La Touraine built in 1890, was a sister ship to the La Champagne pictured below. 117 years ago this week, on Saturday Sept 12, La Champagne left the port of Le Havre, France with a very ill Joseph Fairchild Knapp and his family aboard. It was hoped that if Mister Knapp could reach his native Brooklyn again, that he might rally. It was not to be. On the second day, Mister Knapp, slipped into coma and died at sea September 14, 1891.

La Champagne At Le Havre

La Champagne 7,087 tons, built in St. Nazaire Fr in 1885 , She ran aground at St. Nazaire in 1915 and was wrecked

Le Havre Harbor 1890

I took this photo in the Orsay Museum in Paris March of 2007

THE CGT PIER IN NYC circa 1910

"THE PARIS" 1920's

Sylvia T. Knapp Sailed From Havre To NY on The Paris in November of 1924. She then came out to the Knapp Mansion in Mastic Beach to visit her son. It may well of been the last time she was ever in the US ?

And here is a passport document from April 1881 which may of been the first time Sylvia left the US as a teenager with her mother Sophia Kepner. She would turn 18 in July

The Knapps Lived Here