Another View Of The J. P. Knapp Mansion On Knotts Island In Currituck, NC

This profile view of The Knapp Lodge, is one I have never seen before and is courtesy of a brand new website that Gary Montalbine has created titled Knotts Island Scrapbook

Gary has gathered a fine combination of rare photos, news clippings, and first hand recollections of life on the Island that goes back to well before J. P. Knapp built this fine home there in 1920. I learned a thing or two about Mr. Knapp I had never heard or read about before. There are several anecdotes from local old timers about the Knapps that I found to be intriguing.

One thing, even the most casual observer of the history of J. P. Knapp knows about, is his lifelong dedication to all things concerning ducks. He is considered to be the father of that international organization Ducks Unlimited.

This one really tickled my funny bone and from what I know about J. P. Knapp, he too had to have seen the humour in it ( Though perhaps not right away) Here it is verbatim as it appears on the Mackay Island page

Mr. Knapp wanted to celebrate Christmas by sharing a huge fire works display with his friends and neighbors. Folks lined the sound to see the fireworks. But it scared all the ducks away and they didn't come back for 4 or 5 years. He didn't do that again either.


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