It seems fitting that as the first anniversary (August 5, 2011) of my receiving the first copy off the press of The Knapps Lived Here approaches, that I would come into finding this photo in a fantastic photography book, "New York From The Air" by Yann -Arthurs Bertrand and published by Harry Abrams. I just bought it at Rhino Books in Nashville, (my favorite book store btw) as a gift for my son Erik, who not only designed, but greatly assisted me in getting my Knapp book into print.

I bought "New York From The Air" an oversized coffee table book, just for its incredible photos of the city Erik lives and works in , knowing he would appreciate it. I did not realize at the time, that there just might be several photos of the places the Knapps lived and worked in here too, Rhino Books proprietor Fred Koller, songwriter partner and all around good pal of mine, reminded me to look for Knapp places in there. Even when I brought it home, started really browsing, saw the great shot of a Knapp legacy to gotham, The Metropolitan Life tower, did the light fully come on of the approaching date. However when I came across this photo of River House, probably one of the finest apartment houses in all of Gotham, the light of Knapp significance really started to burn. River House was one of the main places where Joseph P. Knapp (1864-1951) lived from 1936 until he died in his sleep there.

My only excuse for such absent mindness could be the finding a new and suitable place for the Spooners to live. It has been my main preoccupation for the first half of 2011, and having just moved last month and still settling in, has kind of set my attention elsewhere from website postings and finishing up my Knapp spinoff book, The Mastics From Blue Blood To Blue Collar, but I digress. A flurry of recent mails from new discoverers of the website also has slightly sent my attention back to the website at least for this anniversary week. But just look at River House and imagine what it must of been like when The Knapps Lived Here. You can see it back then by clicking here. FDR Drive was not there, instead there was a dock where the Knapps could board their Sea Sleds and yachts to sail off to the many other points north south and east where they called home. Florida, North Carolina, Long Island, Upstate NY and Canada.

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