Because these places pictured below are mentioned or appear on various pages all over this website, I gathered them all here as a central reference page to help the reader and also to demonstrate what was once there and what's been lost. There are links below the map that will take you to more detailed stories and photos about each building and the people who built and lived in them.

William Floyd Homestead

Originated circa 1724 extended and renovated up through 1920's

photo circa 1920 No # 1 on Map

Current use: Museum managed by National Park Service / Fire Island National Sea Shore

Manor Of St. George

Originated 1690 current house built circa 1810

photo circa 1920 No 2 on map

Current use : Museum controlled by trustees

Island View Manor The Tolfree Estate

Originated 1911 photo 2002 No 20 on map

This is the new kid on the block er neck whatever. Built by Fred J. Quinby as a spec house for his ill fated Tangier development. It was used by a Rose Quinby until the early 1920's when the Smiths repossessed the land they sold to Quinby's Tangier Manor Corp. It was soon resold in 1922 to Edward and Aline Tolfree along with several hundred acres of land that stretched from Montauk Highway to Smiths Point. When Aline Tolfree died in 1944 it was sold to Walter T. Shirley who used it one season then sold it to the Cutro Family who still own it today. In the 1950's the Cutro's used it as a nightclub and hotel. Tony Bennett used to make regular appearences here. Although the Cutros have owned it longer ( 59 years ) than anyone, old timers still call it Tolfree's place.

"Pattersquas" Richard Floyd Homestead

Originated 1761 photo 1937 No 3 on map

AKA : Dr. Robert, Taylor, Robert, Lanier, Lawson & Dr. Calabro Estate

Converted by Dr. Calabro into Bayview Hospital 1949

Destroyed by arson Feb 1986

Woodhull Homestead

Originated post 1784 No 4 on map

Although it has been identified as such on postcards and in books, this is NOT the actual house that the General lived in. That house burned to the ground on April 5, 1784 * eight years after the general died . This home was built at the same location by his widow Ruth Floyd Woodhull who lived until 1839 or daughter Elizabeth or one of the Lawrences who married into the Woodhull Family in the 19th century. It was most likely last used by the Lawrence family and was purchased in November 1925 along with the J. B. Lawrence estate by a Patchogue investment group who in turn sold it to Home Guardian Co within a few months. That purchase was the start of the town (Section One) of Mastic Beach.

* Mary Gould Woodhull & Frances Bowes Stevens : "Woodhull Family in America & England" pub 1904

Vacated circa 1915 Razed : Memorial Day May 1938

August Floyd Homestead

Originated circa 1881 No 5 on map

photo date unknown

Destroyed by fire 1942

" Taupeonk " Nicoll Floyd Homestead

Originated 1851 No 6 on map

photo circa 1920's

Totally restyled by Floyd family son in law W. Edgar Baker in 1915. Sold outside of Floyd Family 1955 and has had several face lifts since.

Current Use : Private Residence

" Moss Lots " William B. and Katherine F. Dana Residence

Originated 1882 No 7 on map

Inherited by William Shepherd Dana 1910

In late 1940's was considered as site for public school

Vacated 1965 Destroyed by arson circa 1970

Caretakers Cottage Moss Lots

Originated circa 1880's No 8 on Map

Current use : Private Residence

Dana Estate Guest Cottage

Originated : circa early 1900's photo 2004 No 21 on map

There are close to twenty cottages and buildings converted to homes sprinkled throughout the Dana Estate now known as the historic district "Old Mastic" Mrs. Ella Dana spent her last years on the estate here.

Current Use : Private Residence

" Knapp Mansion "

Originated ? Photo taken 1950 No 9 on map

This place should need no introduction. It was possibly built by Frank Mauran Lawrence circa 1907 for his bride Louise C. M. Lawrence. Earlier maps circa 1888 show a building at it's location. Frank and Louise sold their 180 acre estate to Joseph F. Knapp in 1916 and this home was forever tagged with the name "Knapp Mansion" even after Knapp left in 1939. During WWII it was used as a boarding house by the George Sutter family and St. Judes R C Church purchased it from Sutter in 1950 with plans to make it a parochial school.

Vacated circa 1953 Destroyed by arson 1959

Caretaker Cottage & Barn Knapp Estate

Originated ? photo 2001 No 10 on map

Late 19th century maps show a building at this location. The barn was most certainly there . Knapp's last caretakers the Schluder family lived in it from 1941- 1960's The house survived at least two fires the last one occurring 2004. The barn fell down in 2002

Current Use Private residence ?

Charles Jefferey Smith Home

Originated circa 1850 photo 2001 No 11 on map

AKA The Malcom Garrity , Dermody House. This home was most likely the first one built and used by C. J. Smith (1801-1876) as a farm house. It became part of the Lawrence Estate circa 1870's and was right on the border line of the divided C W & J S Lawrence property. Acquired in the purchase of Hannah Lawrence estate by Home Guardian Co. in 1926 and sold to Malcom Garrity in the late 1920's. It remained in the Garrity -Dermody family for most of the 20th century.

Current Use : Private Residence

"Woodhull Lodge" of Miss Hannah Newbold Lawrence

Originated circa 1850-60 Photo taken 1897 No 12 on map.

This home also built by C. J. Smith was moved west about 1/2 mile across the J. S. Lawrence estate in the 1890's . Miss Lawrence married in 1900 and it became known as the Sherman Estate. It was acquired by J. F. Knapp in 1916 and may of saw service as a barracks for his air patrol station in 1917-18. Perhaps because of that nostalgia, it was held by Knapp for two years after he sold most of his land around it to Home Guardian. During World War II it was owned by the Lister family who let it detoriate when they built a new home. In 1948 the Muse family bought it and rehabed it . The 1897 photo shows the north side . In 1960 it was lifted to repair termite damage and turned 90 degrees. In doing so the dual chimneys were replaced with a single center one. The north side now faces east.

Current Use : Private Residence

Lawrence Estate Cottage

Originated latter 19th century photo 2001 No 13 on map

Resting on the eastern border of the former Hannah Lawrence estate this home was acquired by Malcom Garrity in his original purchase from Home Guardian in 1928. It has remained in his family (The Wetzels) for many years and may still be theirs. It faces Magnolia Dr. and has a fantastic setting among some very tall trees.

Current Use: Private Residence

Barn on Knapp Estate

Originated circa 1850 photo 1994 No 14 on map

Known to Mastic Beach old timers as the Knapp Machine Shop, this barn was probably built by C. J. Smith. in the 1850's. It has some unique features including a huge lopped tree that dates to the colonial era and a swimming pool sized cement livestock pond most likely built for Knapp in the very early 1920's by Barber & Smith of Center Moriches. Up until 1951 a water tower and windmill stood on the property. The pond was probably for Claire Knapp's show horses and show dogs. The fact that it was Knapp's machine shop leads me to believe it is highly likely that the fuselage of the experimental Bonney Gull airplane was fabricated here in 1925 after Claire Knapp left the estate to her brother. When the last of the Knapp Estate was sold off in 1940 the barn was acquired by Herbert Clark who lived in it as is. After Mr Clark passed away it lay vacant and vandalized for several years before being acquired in 1958 by the Schulz family who converted it into a full fledged residence.

Current Use : Private Rental Residence

Carriage House Robert Estate

Originated 19th Century Photo 1950's No 15 on map

When Doctor Calabro purchased the Lawson Estate in 1946 this barn still housed a horsedrawn carriage or two and several large automobiles. It was moved in the mid 1950's northward about 1/4 mile until it faced Neighborhood Road directly across the street from the firehouse. There it was known as the Red Barn Restaurant until it ironically burned to the ground in 1977.

Guest Cottage Robert Estate

Originated circa 1870-80 photo taken 2003 No 16 on map

This home seen from the rear has been in various private hands since the bulk of the Robert Estate was sold off by the Laniers in 1926. It is located on the west side of Cranberry Drive.

Current use : Private Residence

Outbuilding Robert Estate Converted to Residence

Originated circa 1870 photo taken 2003 No 17 on map

This out building was probably built by William, Christopher or Charles Robert. Or possibly G. E, Taylor who owned the estate briefly in the 1870's before reselling it back to the Roberts. It may of served as a carriage house for the guest cottage. It was most likely converted into a house after Home Guardian bought the estate in 1926. It is located on the west side of Diana Dr just behind the guest cottage.

Current use : Private Residence

Knapp Estate Secretary House & Smith Estate Barn

photo taken : 2003 No 18 on map

Moving houses and barns around on estates even before there was machine power to do so seemed like no big deal. One thing in abundance was time. It's odd though that these two buildings travelled the furthest in opposite directions yet wound up side by side. The barn built in the mid 19th century came first traveling east from Manor of St George where it was set down on the south side of Neighborhood Road in 1933. Then Paul Schulte proceeded to turn it into a tavern, The home was originally located about a 1/4 mile east of the Knapp mansion and was used by his secretary and lawyer Edward A. Kiely. When the Knapp estate was sold it was moved here to town on Diana Dr. behind Pauls tavern. Both buildings are still in the Schulte family. Though the tavern was nearly lost to fire in 2004.

2005 Uncertain Future?

Caretakers Home Robert Estate & The Clunes

Originated 1800's photo taken 1920's No 19 on map

Standing at the crossroads of what today is known as the 5 Corners of Mastic Beach are Mildred, William Jr and Arthur Clune. Their father sits behind them by the tree petting the family dog. I have had this photo for sometime and could only speculate that these were some of the Clune family. Recently because of website reader Kathy Clune of Fresno Ca. I had the extreme pleasure of speaking with her aunt Mildred who was about ten years old when this photo was taken. At one time or another Mildred's mother Loretta and father William were cook and caretaker for most of the estate owners including The Roberts, The Laniers, The Lawrences, The Smiths, The Lawsons, The Tolfrees and YES The KNAPPS!!!. Mildred is perhaps the only one alive who saw the entire area transform from all private estates to what it became. She also would become the mother of Jack Skolnick who was in the first high school graduating class at William Floyd. Possessed with a stellar memory and a very good wit, she answered many of my questions no one else possibly could. If the Clune name sounds familiar to current Mastic Beach residents it should. Mildred's brother Arthur a WWII vet was killed in an auto accident in 1947 . The Mastic Beach American Legion Post is named for him. I am looking forward to meeting Mildred in person soon.

Same Place 1946 Town Is Closing In

As for the home , it was moved from behind Pat & Mikes Service Station to the southeast corner of Railroad Ave & Moriches ByPass in 1956 by Norman Bell Housemovers, It is still in use there as a home.



Floyd Estate

Manor of St George


Nathaniel Woodhull

August Floyd

Dana Estate

Dana Estate Cottage

Katherine Floyd Dana's Paintings Of Mastic 1850-1880

Charles Jefferey Smith House

Woodhull Lodge / Hannah Lawrence

Guest Cottage Robert Estate

"The Mansion" where it all started for me

Former Knapp Estate Caretaker's House May 2004 photo: Jim Rugen MBFD