at the

Floyd / Robert / Lanier / Lawson / Calabro Estate

"Doctors Point"


I got an e mail the other day from an Eric Mowby of Mastic Beach. A young man of 28, he wrote to tell me about his 1980's Mastic Beach childhood experiences that seemed to parallel mine in the '50's. His "Knapp Mansion" was the boarded up Richard Floyd / Robert / Bayview Hospital estate. Eric was around the same age as I was when I saw the Knapp Mansion destroyed by fire, when he saw Bayview burn to the ground. A lifelong resident of the Beach his parents bought an old house on Cranberry Drive and then another one on Diana Drive that he now is restoring. When he saw the webpages on Doctors Point and particularly the photo of the Red Barn he realized that his houses were most likely a part of that estate.

I was more than happy to tell him they most certainly were connected and when he gave me the address' 160 Cranberry Dr and 143 Diana Dr ., I looked at my 1925 survey map and there they are! He followed up with these photos......and it really is nice to know that there is a bit more left to the Robert estate than just the outhouse in the Messinetti backyard on Bayview. Not that there's anything wrong with that!


The House Pics Will Enlarge If You Click On Them


The East front that faces 160 Cranberry Dr.

It appears that this "cottage" as it is noted on the survey was built around the late 19th Century

circa 1880


The North & West Faces


The Gazebo that has a basement (root cellar or ice house?) in the backyard



143 Diana Dr

diagonally North West behind the Cranberry cottage it appears that this building may be

the carriage house noted on the survey map, that I initially thought was the original location of

the " Red Barn "



The "Cottage" is 160 Cranberry Dr and I believe the "Carriage House" is 143 Diana


On my last visit I was able to get copies of the deeds of the successive owners of "Doctors Point" going all the way back to 1835 which was the first deed drawn up after Richard Floyd abandoned the estate when his side lost the Revolutionary War. I will be posting some transcriptions from the documents and history about the different owners in the near future.