Apparently Cornelia Floyd Nichols or her husband John T. were either investors or serious prospects for heavy investing in Fred J. Quinby's Tangier Manor project in 1910. (Quinby raised around 4.5 million before the whole thing went poof and he went south) That would explain why so much sales material and plans for it wound up in the Floyd Estate Archives. Even though I did some fairly extensive web pages based mainly on press clippings from the N. Y. TImes, I had no idea that I would find the stuff I will be presenting here. A set of postcards mainly real photos of what would become the Shirley area . The illustrations here too of the bridge and station are much clearer than the ones I had on the original Tangier Story pages. But the real jaw dropper was when I saw the plans and soon realised that all Walter T. Shirley did was scale them down a bit on the grandiose scale. Every street that Shirley cut into the dirt out there was already located on Quinby's plans with the same name to boot!



Sign Of The Times & Made out logs I wonder where it stood


Come fly with me. That's Quinby in his plane on the south lawn of the Manor Of St. George. There are stories about his flying adventures on the original Tangier pages.

That is probably Fred in the white suit and derby hat. " If you don't buy some land from me ....I'll have to shoot ya "

A Sunday drive on the future William Floyd Pkway?


Take Me Home Tangier Roads

The Narrow Bay at Smith Point

June 1911 No Bridge Yet Just A Dock On Fire Island

The Ocean Beach