William Floyd School

The Early Years





In various places through these websites there are references and photos to the William Floyd School (Elementary & High) from the time I went there 1952-64. Recently I received a pack of class photos from Gary Messinetti who with his brother John was in my brothers class and then went on to Seton Hall High after 8th grade. I thought this might be a good place to centralize what I already had scattered about along with these "new arrivals." There is also an excellent group of shots that go way back to the little Moriches elementary school by twin ponds that Pat Sharp has on her Class Of 1964 web site



It was amazing how many faces in the photos of my brothers class, (which for those who stayed on would turn out to be Class Of '62) I have their names on the tip of my tongue, but they are stuck. Under those that are nagging at me will be VFF (very familiar face.... those with ? after a name mean I'm not positive ) If you see yourself or you know for sure who is in the blank please email so it can be filled in. Some faces like Fred Hillerud or Paul McCormick's were chiseled in stone the day they were born, others changed radically sometimes within a year, especially the girls.


Special Thanks To : Alicia Patera, Pat Sharp, Mac Titmus, Gary Messinetti for preserving many of these treasures through the years. If you got some and you want to share send them over




As Early As it Gets







Thats Mrs. Walter T. Shirley breaking ground for our school in 1951. On her right is Cliff Hawkins .....Helping her dig is Tom Neppell

Tom don't get mud on those shoes!!! I think that's teacher Mrs. Walker in the center of crowd in dark dress







There it sat in the Summer of 1952 at the corner of Lawrence & Lexington

Almost Ready .... looks like one of the construction guys left his Rheingold!




Where ever there's a new a building You usually have a dedication Here big Wally Thomas (our first principal) points to Walter T. Shirley's name (the guy with the tan) as if he couldn't read it! That's School Board President Cliff Hawkins looking on.




Sept '52 My first class (Miss or Mrs.?) Fechtmann's Kindergarten.

(photo courtesy Mac Titmus)



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