Long Before "The Acres" & "The Beach" ........There Was

"The Park"

The very first development the Smadbeck Brothers did on the Mastic Neck area was called Mastic Park . They started it in 1922 with land they purchased from John Frost, William Dana, and August Floyd. Using subscriptions to the Brooklyn Citizen as their "sales gimmick" they moved a lot of land at $55 a lot.


The Billboard at the Mastic station in 1922 was bigger than the station itself.

It proclaims ..... MASTIC PARK / Summer Resort / The Brooklyn Citizen / A Newspaper /

Progressive * Consistent * Reliable

The Nichols and Floyd kids would say the same about their newspaper The Mastic News in 1925

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This is the Mastic Park Clubhouse as seen from Forge River in 1922.

Lots of scrub pine and a lonely dock. Anyone know the exact location of it?


These two ads appeared in the Brooklyn Citizen four years later in April of 1926

Notice The Clubhouse is now landscaped The pic on left is Montauk Hwy passing over Forge River & Twin Ponds

These were the last ads the Citizen ran for Mastic Park before making their announcement of

a more exclusive offer just to the south .........Mastic Beach at a "slightly higher" price

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Map of both areas circa 1940s published by Walter S. Cole

(Map courtesy of George Barnes)

Below The Streets Of Mastic Park . I lived at 215 Patchogue Ave in the 1970's