Pepperidge Hall


I thought we would take a little side trip about 15 miles west of Mastic Beach to take a look at Christopher Robert's "other country place". The history of Pepperidge Hall seems to have run parralel to Chris's life. Both were filled with extremes. In a slight touch of personal irony I was discussing my Robert findings with Dan Acernio the marine engine restorer who rebuilt William Dana's "Wa-Hite". It turns out Dan has some items in his home that came from Pepperidge Hall.





The description below and the photos above are from the book

Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects 1860-1940

by Robert MacKay, Anthony Baker & Carol A. Traynor


It was reported that he had about 1.5 million dollars invested in this place. They lived in it part time

for 7 years when he traded it off for some property on Wall Street, NYC.



The NY Times reported the sale at $1,826,000.00. I've read that the Robert's were the last family to actually live there. It went through a succession of owners and total decline as most plans each had for it never seem to materialise.

The Big Plans in 1939 of The Royal Fraternity Of Master Metaphysicians are but one example. I offer it up because it has some of the history of the estates hay days.






As the years went by the price got lower and lower and the 1000 acres of land got divided up.

And finally in 1941



an odd English word that means

"To Flatten"



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