Today Feb 11, 2008 is Tommy Dixon's Birthday. Born just 8 days after his old pal Dodi Knapp in NYC in 1892, Tommy would be 116 . In this first picture taken in 1916 he almost looks like he could of been in Dion & The Belmonts or Vito & The Salutations. Or Even Perhaps In A William Floyd School Yearbook in the '60s/

The Dixons and the Knapps go way back and were NY Neighbors in the 1890's and early 1900's. Tommy would vacation with the Knapp family in Bellport in the early 1900's.

As one of the original " Beach Boys" he lived on the Mastic Beach Knapp Estate in 1917 when he was flying his plane in the Aerial Coast Patrol.

Years later in the 1940's he would marry Dodi's sister Claire for a short time. They seperated and he moved to Los Angeles, California where he had also lived for a spell in the 1920's. He passed away in October of 1953 from complications of a gall bladder operation. When Claire died in 1959 her name was still Claire Knapp Dixon.

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