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photos courtesy : Otto's grandson Ellis Albright

This Photo Was Probably Taken In Year Old Mastic Beach In 1927 . Otto is sporting his Sunday best and his Buick is sporting a whole lot of road dust, from the ride out from Ozone Park, Queens. The bulk of the dust probably from the new dirt roads of Mastic Beach. I would guess by the width of the road, this is likely taken on Magnolia Drive in Section 3. That is where Otto and his brothers William, Fred and Frank would build bungalows a few years later in the woods behind him. Otto a carpenter by trade along with his brothers and the rest of of the Albright men and boys built two homes on the west side of Magnolia Drive, just north of Elm Road and across from the 19th century Lawrence estate guest house. True MB Pioneers, the Albright family are listed in all the 1930's & 40's Mastic Beach Directories. One of their bungalows burned and was replaced, but the other original home is still there today (remodeled) with Wesley Albright living in it. Notice the shadow of the utility pole and with a very short cross arm and no wires attached yet. It would be another 5 years before there were wires. The unwired poles that were put up on Neighborhood Road by developers Home Guardian Co. in 1927 were taken down in 1929 where they crossed the Knapp Estate between Locust and Alder Drives. The reason for that is explained here.


Taking a breakfast break in their back yard with both Rice Krispies & Corn Flakes on the table (perhaps purchased at Paul Schulte's 5 Corners Market? ) are Otto, Frank and Fred Albright. At the far right ready to go back to work stands Ellis Albright's great grandfather Frank Albright Sr. Another Buick perhaps a '29 or 30 model is peeking it's distinctive fender and bumper into the photo. Through those woods behind them lies Daisy Drive.


Almost 30 years before the Drifters would sing about it, Otto, his brother , and sons building the chimney

and just whistlin' while they work.


Fred, Otto, William & Frank Albright At Mastic Beach 1976

Seventy Years Ago This Year__ On Mastic Beach Road __September 22, 1938

photo: Ken Spooner Collection

There's Wires Now But No Electricity Again ____ This Time Courtesy Of Mother Nature.

I don't know who is looking at the downed pole, but he appears to be flirting with disaster.

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