The Lundgrens in front of their store circa 1960

Who remembers this place ? I sure do. I bought several Wee Gee Water Pistols here to take to school that was about a 1/2 mile around the block. I probably also bought a 10 cent balsa wood glider here a time or two. Gustav and Ida Lundgren lived the corner of Alder & Cedar in Mastic Beach just a few blocks from our house. Their House Of Gifts was located on the corner of Mastic Road and Wavecrest. The Lundgrens also ran the beach one refreshment stand in the 1940's and early 50's.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with their son Gus Jr. about growing up in Mastic Beach in the 1940's. This photo is courtesy of Lundgren's grandaughter Marianne Gilewski and was sent to me by her neighbor Bob Lee who has sent several very intersting photos of the Knapp Mansion over the years.

Here's a mutiple choice trivia question for you. What was this brick building (which is still standing but heavily remodeled ( I think it's now a sandwhich shop ) first used for ?) A: The Sage Brick Co. Sales Office B: Walter T. Shirley Sales Office C: William Floyd School Athletic Equipment Annex .

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