That is probably proprietor Wilson Glass sitting on the milk carton, shootin' the breeze with some good ol' Mastic Beach boys in the 1940's. I believe that may be Paul Potts standing and patting Rin Tin Tin on the head as this snap shot belongs to Phyllis Potts. The Stop & Shop grocery which started out in the 1930's as Birdsall Hardware was located right in the center of the town of Mastic Beach on the north east corner of Neighborhood & Elder. It was in business from the early forties up until the mid 50's perhaps longer. The building is still there and has been a pizza place for many years now


If you have some photos that are relevant to anything on this websight and would like to share them, then please get in touch. Condition is not important as I can restore them. Several I am actively seeking are: Bob DeCordova's Service Station (Aspen & Whiitier), Fannie's Spaghetti House (on Diana Dr.) Birdsall Hardware , The Stop & Shop, Jean's, HC Grand 5&10 cent store and of course it goes without saying ANY OF THE KNAPP MANSION AND ESTATE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR!

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