One of the neat things for me in doing this history of The Knapps is all the different directions it takes me and some of the real nice people I get to meet. Some places are as close to home as the Knapp mansion was to my house in Mastic Beach, NY. Songwriting is certainly one of those places having made a living at it here in Nashville.

Last fall (2002) I came across an Edison Wax Cylinder of Phoebe Palmer Knapp & Frances Jane Crosby's immortal hymn "Blessed Assurance" . We recorded it and I added a web page about it here.

Well this past spring I got an e mail from a Fred Massey of the Union Gospel Mission of Salem, Oregon asking if they could use a part of that recording on their upcoming CD documentary on the life of Fanny Crosby. My typical Spooner reply was "Sure thing Fred.... use as much of it as you want, because it's always easier to get forgiveness than it is permission" Sage advice I learned to appreciate and live by over 20 years ago from a sorely missed dear friend and fellow troubador James Gamble Rogers.

Several weeks ago this CD arrived in the mail and it was a very pleasent surprise to learn new things about the life of this remarkable woman known simply as Fanny, who was not only a friend with Phoebe Knapp but a co writer. Something I know a little about. Co writing is an art form where ego is suppressed somewhat in order to produce something that hopefully connects with others and that will be around long after the writers have moved on.

"FANNY" is a very well produced story that runs about 30 minutes and the proceeds from it benefit others that need it. Something I know both Fanny & Phoebe would whole heartily approve of. Here are two short excerpts from it in MP3 files that you can listen to.



You can order the CD by contacting Union Gospel Mission here EMAIL or at UGM 345 Commercial St NE Salem,OR 97301 503-362-3983