"Here's a mug for ya Matey"



It's Capn' Schulz Himself. Larry Schulz about 1951 holding her steady in a boat his Dad built. He would do the same thing in the same boat with just a slightly bigger motor in 1961 while yours truly attempted to water ski off the back on top of a '41 Chevy carhood.



It was Larry's idea, but I was the daredevil idiot who wound up in Bayview Hospital






Those who have read some of the Buzz & Pee Wee Stories know that Larry & Dennis Schulz were the first "all year round" friends Butchie & Me had in Mastic Beach



This first pic was taken around 52 or 3 with their dog Skippy and their Dads '52 Ford. The Baseball shot a few years later in their front yard on Phyllis Dr. If I had a nickel for every inning of baseball we ever played....I'd be as rich as Joe Knapp was. That bungalow in the background is on Jefferson Drive....Whole Lotta Trees!





Nov 1957 Larry Schulz's 5th Grade Class

Frt: Ray Staiger, LARRY, Chris Sabolis, Ed Kenny, Vinny Pasquale, Ray Keenan

2 : Diana Serinmer?, Mary Ann Perfasie?, Bobbie Galowski, Sarah Cizarella, Joe Esposito, Linda Alfinito, Mac Titmus, Donna Cruishank Desta Moore

3: Barbara Lynch, Maureen Audet, Janet ? Serine, Mary McNulty, Alice Maple, Ann Weynerd, Janette ? Jo Ann Clark, Mary Caruso, Joyce Chesner

4: Christine Linder, Lee Potts, Donald Hulse, Richie Jankee, Joe Schultz, Dennis? Richie Van Tassel, Anthony Torre, Mr. Werner

photo supplied by Mac Titmus





1957 My 6th Grade Class

Frt: Joe Lever, Steve Landau, Tony Abruntilla

2nd: ?? , ?? ,Joanne Turner, Virginia Bjornstadt, Judy Ziegler, Sarah Bonandono, Mary Ann Russo

3: Virginia Lefebvre, Roberta Straub, Carol Rowan, Eva Hulse, Delores Dudine,Ellen Smart, Karen Hoffman, Alicia Patera, Betty Ann Karden

4: Joe Intonato, Bill Nagle, Me, Vic DiPierro, Peter Apostoulu, Bob Azzarra, Peter Santos? , George Costa, Richard Borri

photo supplied by Alicia Patera & Pat Sharp






The Schulz's new '57 Fairlane 500.......






Our Ford Country Squire






May 1958 Wm Floyd 8th Grade Trip

to Washington DC. Found Butchie ( watching TV?) sharing a room with Johnny Messinetti, & Freddy Hillerud who seems to be thinking about creative ways to deploy water balloons. The 4th roomie is photog Garry Messinetti who supplied the photo.


"Floyd Shop 1959"

Mr. Hyland used to pull the first Drivers Ed car in there everynight? A green and white '59 Ford

This one and two below came from the first Wm. Floyd Yearbook (1960) courtesy of Dorothy Vignali



Paul Einfeldt & John Krezmien 1959-60

giving a lift to either Mrs. Nelson's or Mr. Dionisio's English Ford. Hers was Blue, his was Black. Photo was taken in front of the school. If it was in color, I could tell you whose car it was.



No doubt about this one. It's not Mr. Dionisio.


Our Mom was a nanny for Dorice Nelson's three kids, Stephen, Mikey & Lee. I never had her for a teacher, Butchie did. But I certainly had her for a friend. She told Officer Ratigan he definitely had the wrong man...err boy