These photos were taken in early September of 2001, just after sunset at the Knapp Dock in Mastic Beach. Other than the dredging and the bulkhead J. F. Knapp had installed in the late 1920's, this cove today, is pretty much the same as it was when the Knapps purchased the estate in 1916. After J.F. sold it in 1938, there were plans by Home Guardian to develop it into a waterfront park, but they never were implemented. It is in this very area that Joseph Palmer Knapp's influences seem to connect with me the strongest. This area most likely played a large part in the Knapp decision to purchase the Lawrence property.

Looking north west from the east side of the cove. You can see the the opening to the dock itself and the small canal that ran north all the way to the pond that was located on the golf course.


Standing at the junction of Dock Road and looking west on Grove Road. The canal runs under the road. That is a family of three deer looking back. The buck is in the middle of the road, the doe on the right side, the fawn has already entered the catails. After staring at me for a few seconds, they proceeded north to the pond that is about 200 feet in from the road.


Standing on the far west side of the cove on a brighter day. Looking across the bay to Fire Island. This area at the foot of Locust Drive was also known as "The Point". It was a good fishing spot when we were kids. In 1917 it is highly likely that it was on this land that J.P. Knapp and his son J.F. conducted a tour for Rear Admiral Bradley and company of the U. S. Navy, The land was donated for the Navy to install an aerial coastal patrol station. The observation tower that stood until the late 1930's was located about a 1/4 mile north from the shoreline. You can read the New York Times Story and See the Planes by clicking here.



No... the remains of Joseph Palmer's dock on Mackey Island, North Carolina. These photos were also taken in Sept of 2001. The island is now a federal wildlife refuge.

I would not be surprised if some of the pine trees that are on the estate in Mastic Beach, originated here.