That was the title of Irving Berlin's musical, he wrote while stationed at Camp Upton in WW1 . Camp Upton which became Brookhaven National Lab, had it's postal address as Yaphank then. It was also a major stop on the Long Island Rail Road. It may also of been the first official address of "Clairedale Kennels" There is a book published in 1926 titled "CHOW - THE CHOW CHOW" that lists Clairedale Kennels of Yaphank, Long Island. Claire was showing Chows in the very early 1920's, which would of meant her dogs were being raised in Mastic Beach too. She could of very well been involved with dogs long before that, because her grandfather, J .F. Knapp was one of the co founders of Westminster Kennel Club in 1876. Originally the club was formed for sportsman to show their sporting dogs at the Westminster Hotel. Her father J. P. who was 12, at W K C's beginning, was also a member.


photos courtesy Barbara Krusinski


Whatever brought her to Yaphank, she did not go alone. Willis Oliver Penney was with her. They may of arrived there as The Penney's, as I do not know the exact date they were married. I do know her last name was Penney in December of 1925, when she transferred ownership of the Mastic Beach estate to her brother. Her address on the deed is Yaphank. I also know the Penney's lived in Yaphank for at least 3 years or more and at least one of their two daughters was born there. When they sold the 8 acre Yaphank Property in July of 1929, the deed describes the property as being situated and bordered by properties of Weeks, Baker, Swezey, Overton families etc. This 1917 Map shows a small piece of property by the Weeks and near The Suffolk Club which was a Hunting Lodge ( now Southaven Park ) August Belmont was involved with and so was J . P. Knapp


The name is not very readable on this 1917 map, but it could be C. Knapp by the ?


This 1896 Map shows many of the names on the deed

Baker, Overton, Swezey etc.


The Presbyterian and Episcopal Churches Of Yaphank


Did Claire & Willis Marry Here?

These next 5 photos are from the LONGWOOD HISTORICAL WEBSITE which has a lot of interesting stuff

on the Yaphank, Ridge, Coram, Middle Island area.


The Hammond House


The Grange Hall was the community center and held dances for soldiers and residents.


The Hawkins House


Above & Below from NEWSDAY's L I OUR STORY


Post Office 1910

Photo: Frederick Lightfoot Collection

This photo of Alexander Iveson's Blacksmith Shop was taken in 1895. Ninety nine years later I revisited Yaphank for the first time since I went swimming in Yaphank Lake in the 1950's. I recall riding there in the rumble seat of our Model A Ford with my brother and sister. I always liked that place and I'm happy to say it is still basically the same

Claire & Willis Penney sold their 8 acres in town in 1929 to a person named Albert Pope of Manhattan. If anyone knows of where the exact property was . I would appreciate being notified.

You Can Read The Deed By Clicking On It

As you can see the Penneys were residing in

Stony Brook when they sold the Yaphank Property

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