welcome to the new

Hey Folks-I hope you find this new version of "The Knapps Lived Here" as exciting and pleasing as I do. This new home page is the first step-a really, REALLY BIG step-in version 2.0 of this website. After installing the Google Search last week, I went looking for something on the homepage that I just couldn't find and got so irritated, I redid the entire thing for my father-and now you all get to reap the benefits. I hope everyone likes it!

The new features include the centralized navigation system. Unfortunately, it's limited just for now to the homepage. Soon, however, everything will be reformatted to fit inside the navigation set you see on the homepage now. It gives you the ability to look at all the articles by basic catagory (ie, "Knapp" articles or "Mastic Articles" using top navigation), by the point at which they were added (chronological navigation was taken directly from the previous homepage, and is located in the LOOOOOONG brown bar on the right, or look for new updates under "Recent Updates" in the green bar on the left), or using the newly customized Google search. I encourage everyone to try this out as it's been updated since it was added. Run a search from the homepage. It's fun. :-)

I am also glad to report that the main domain (spoonercentral.com) now loads consistantly and DIRECTLY to this homepage. And last but not least, access the "about" page to send an email direct to the chief using a chic new form to fill out (instead of having to copy-paste an email address) and check out the guestbook.

For those that care about these kinds of statistics, the previous two-page menu system my father had been using ran 3,192 lines of HTML code (the programming code of the internet) long. This lovely new homepage is roughly a quarter of that, topping out at 789. Why does that matter? This homepage will take a quarter of the time for your web browser to load (never mind that one page now loads where there was once two). That's always a Good Thing.

Finally, if you have any troubles to report, use the form on the contact page. If you love/hate the new homepage, I'd love to hear about it.

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