E. K. Jaquith

photo courtesy of Kenneth R. Jaquith &
Early Birds Of Aviation Website


In the spring of 1917 E. (Edwin?) Kenneth Jaquith 18_ _ - 1984 was appointed (by someone J.P. Knapp?) to be the flight instructor and unofficially the 'camp commander' of Aerial Coast Patrol Unit # 3 located on the Joseph Knapp estate in what was then called Mastic, NY.

In doing so he most likely taught Joseph F. Knapp (Dodi) and Thomas F. Dixon (Dodi's future brother in law) how to fly.

In my course of studying the Knapp family, I have come to partly rely on studying their friends and associates to help round out the very limited and closely guarded personal information I can find about the Knapps themselves.

In researching the era of the Third Aero Squadron. Mr. Jaquith has emerged as quite a colorful character. Here are some additional news items I found about his aviation activities before, during and after his stint at the Knapp Estate.


Atlantic City, NJ was a central base of E.K.'s air school / exhibitions






During the time he was at the Knapp Estate


Was Dodi's mansion finished? They went from 12 to 15 Flyers & now have room for 21 more



Predicting The Future Of Aviation


Post 3rd Aero Unit

By Jan of 1918 E. K. seemed BEWILDERED at the actions or should I say inactions of the Navy (They thought he was dead ) I'm not sure if he waited for the Armstice 11/11/1918 before resuming his Flight Training School & Exhibitions with partner Beryl Kendrick


But Tragedy Struck Soon After